14 Powerful Unique Selling Proposition Examples From Real-Life Brands

What is a USP?

The 3 elements of a great USP

  • Appeals to a certain audience so you’re not trying to appeal to everyone
  • Focuses on one big benefit or feature rather than trying to be superior in every way
  • Encompasses something that your customers want, need, or expect, like stronger coffee or a vegan shampoo

14 unique selling proposition examples in action

1. Dossier

2. Nomadica

3. Good Dye Young

4. Fishwife

5. Touchland

6. Olipop

7. Ruggable

8. Robinhood

9. Minisocial

10. Webflow

11. Gorgias

12. Podia

13. Slack

14. PandaDoc

How to write a powerful USP

  1. Write a list: jot down all of the things that make your business, products, or services different from your competitor’s — get specific, like your return policy, your low prices, or your quality products.
  2. Research the competition: you won’t know what makes you stand out if you don’t know what you’re up against. Dig into their USPs to see how you can position your brand in a different way.
  3. Identify your customers’ needs: research your customers using data and surveys to discover their most pressing needs and determine how your USP can address those needs.
  4. Combine needs and differentiators: cross-reference the list of things that make your successful business different and your list of customer needs to pinpoint any that overlap.
  5. Consider how you will use your USP: think about where you can apply your USP throughout your business, including your name, marketing, and branding. Your USP should embody everything you do!

Don’t forget to test your USP!

  • Analyze different USPs using A/B testing across your site with separate landing pages
  • Conduct user testing to see if website visitors understand what makes you different
  • Run surveys and interviews with customers to get their thoughts on your USP

Your USP informs everything you do



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