CRO Marketing: How It Fits Into Your Growth Strategy & 5 Steps to Get Started

What is CRO marketing?

How to calculate your conversion rate

How to get started with your CRO strategy

1. Analyze your conversion funnel

2. Set conversion goals

  • Number of Net New Customers: divide your net revenue goal by your average sales price to determine how many new customers you need to convert each month
  • Lead Goal: divide the number of new customers by your lead-to-customer close rate to figure out how many new leads you need to get each month to hit your conversion goal

3. Tap into qualitative AND quantitative data

4. Identify potential tests to run

5. Create a strategy or CRO workflow

How to integrate a CRO team to improve your results

1. Hire an internal team

2. Work with a dedicated CRO agency

  • Google Analytics: get cold, hard data for your website, from the number of sessions and visitors, to your bounce rate and key drop-off points
  • Mouse tracking and heat map tools: see exactly where website visitors go on a page to identify the most important elements
  • User testing tools: find out what real people think about your website by watching over their shoulder as they navigate through the conversion funnel
  • A/B testing tools: make it easy to automate A/B tests and dig into the results with a dedicated testing tool
  • Survey tools: ask visitors what they think about your site through automated pop-ups that are triggered as they browse

How CRO fits into your broader marketing strategy



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